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Every Story Begins With History

There's no other place in California like Carrville Inn. The moment you set foot on the property, you feel the present moment colliding with timeless history. You sense the stories of all those that came before you, and realize that YOU are now a part of Carrville's history. Come and create your own history with us.

A historical photograph of carrville inn with a horse drawn carriage.

Carrville - Est.1854

Carrville's original owners were James and Sarah Carr, who bought the ranch in 1854 when they were on an inspection trip of the original California-Oregon Stage Road, which Mr.Carr was instrumental in building over Scott Mountain.  The ranch became one the most popular stops for the stage.  Gold and other mining played a big role in the local history which saw Carrville grow to over 2000 people at its peak.


The original building was destroyed by fire in 1917 and was rebuilt the following year with lumber milled on the ranch.  A six year restoration was completed in 1988, that saved this historic landmark, bringing it to better than original condition. The beauty and grace which Mrs. Carr found over 165 years ago still enchant all who visit Carrville Inn Resort

A historical photograph of the inside entry way of carrville inn.

Embracing History: Carrville's Present Day Legacy

From 1997 - 2020, Carrville Inn was owned and operated by David and Sheri Overly. Through their dedication, they maintained the historical life of the resort, while making modern improvements to bring it to its current beauty. The baton was passed in 2020, when two families - each with their own pleasant history - joined together to purchase Carrville, continuing the legacy of those before them, while making it their own.

Meet the Owners

Left to right: Eric Hess, Sadie Hess, Jennifer Bowman, Brandon Bowman.

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